Miraclesuit Miraclesuit


Miraclesuit shapers provide extra firm control that smooths and supports you while providing superior comfort. On top of that, they make you look and feel 10 lbs. lighter! Try one and enjoy the Miraclesuit difference.

Naomi & Nicole Naomi & Nicole

Naomi & Nicole

This collection provides a variety of comfortable shapers to choose from. Some are promoted as everyday wear, allowing the wearer to have a smooth sleek shape every day. Wear them for special occasions as well as for work and regular activities. Naomi & Nicole is also designed and constructed for the utmost quality.


Anita Rosa Faia Anita Rosa Faia

Anita Rosa Faia

The ROSA FAIA collection features several lingerie ranges. These include simple, sporty models as well as romantic, more intricately finished designs through to elegant, refined styles.

Anita Comfort Anita Comfort

Anita Comfort

Whether you prefer classic or modern styles, or luxurious and elegant details - the exclusive range of Anita comfort lingerie and swimwear models leaves nothing to be desired. They flatter the fuller figure and show off feminine curves to their best advantage.

Anita Maternity Anita Maternity

Anita Maternity

A very exciting time lies ahead, which also means you will have special requirements and wishes. The Anita maternity collection offers a wide range of thoughtfully designed, attractive lingerie with these changing needs in mind.

Anita Active Anita Active

Anita Active

Anita active sports bras are divided into three categories to meet varying support requirements.